Puppy Trapped in a Car For a Month Defies All Odds

For weeks, this puppy lived without food or water. Miraculously, she survived conditions that would have killed even a human being.

The 12 week-old dog was found locked in an abandoned car that was parked in an impound lot. Her rescuers believe that she was there for nearly a month.

This little girl was found in an abandoned car parked in an impound lot.

The 12 week-old puppy was there for at least a month.

She had no food or water; the only things found in the car were McDonalds wrappers and cigars.

It’s a miracle she survived her ordeal… and she is recovering just fine.

Her rescuers have named her “Kia.”

Soon, she’ll find a forever home where no one will forget about her.

She was immediately taken to a vet, given a name (Kia) and is receiving treatment until she finds her forever home. David Blaine has nothing on this puppy.


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