President Thug at Ohio rally: ‘Voting is the best revenge’!/markknoller/status/264419465662439424

Spoken like a true Chicago politician! Obama to Ohio voters: “Voting is the best revenge.” Revenge?

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) November 2, 2012

Unbelievable. At a rally today in Ohio, our president had this to say to his audience:

When did this kind of menacing rhetoric become acceptable? Conservatives couldn’t believe their ears:

#Obama just said,voting is the best revenge? what the hell!

— Sarah TruthTeller (@awakegop) November 2, 2012

Voting best Revenge?what the hell is Obama talking about… Revenge for what?Revenge for daring to run against him?? Good God..

— albert thai (@washbar) November 2, 2012

Obama in Ohio saying Voting is the best Revenge….what President speaks of REVENGE against other Americans….He is a SICK PATHETIC LIAR

— DaveT (@Dave_T001) November 2, 2012

#Obama #Ohio don’t boo, vote, “voting best revenge”, REVENGE? Exactly consistent violent, divisive Obama tone

— ViewersCourt(@semikrazi) November 2, 2012

2nd Term? Dangerous. RT @michellemalkin Spoken like a true Chicago politician! Obama to Ohio voters: “Voting is the best revenge.” Revenge?

— Gina Maria (@Ginabeans22) November 2, 2012

Obama in Springfield, OH “Voting is the best REVENGE.” What a hateful & petty campaign. It’s time for dignity to be restored to White House

— Jennifer (@Classical_Mama) November 2, 2012

WHAAAT???!!!! RT @michellemalkin: Spoken like a true Chicago politician! Obama to Ohio voters: “Voting is the best revenge.” Revenge?

— sarahcoates (@sarahcoates) November 2, 2012

WOW. just… wow. Obama: “don’t boo. VOTE. Voting is the best revenge” uhh…. revenge for what?? against who??

— Linlee (@LinDuBard) November 2, 2012

Obama: “Voting is the best revenge.” For what? You sucking royally at your job?

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) November 2, 2012

“@michellemalkin: Spoken like a true Chicago politician! Obama to Ohio voters: “Voting is the best revenge…” His true colors keep showing.

— Sir Guy of Gisbourne (@SirGuyGisbourne) November 2, 2012

@noellenikpour – Obama speaking in Ohio says”voting is the best revenge” on Romney – revenge? Really?This is a good President?

— Chris Leggatt (@ChrisLeggatt) November 2, 2012

“@neilmunrodc: “Don’t boo! Vote, vote — voting is the best revenge.” Obama on the stump in Ohio” What the Hell does that even mean?

— Michelle Moore (@MeeshTweets1) November 2, 2012

That’s Obama’s civility. He talks about voting being the best “revenge”. Revenge for what? Honesty?

— Staci Dingley (@stacikate) November 2, 2012

@michellemalkinSo #OBAMA wants to harm some American’s? Obama to Ohio voters: “Voting is the best revenge.” Revenge?

— Gary Thompson (@garbones) November 2, 2012

Unifying RT @markfelsenthal: Obama tweaks his usual “don’t boo, vote,” line to add, “voting’s the best revenge.”

— Andy Lancaster (@andylancaster) November 2, 2012

Pres captures the essence of what he’s about, not bringing us together, but getting even.Fox Nation…

— GC (@etf13) November 2, 2012

OBAMA just now—“Don’t Boo, just vote. Voting is the best revenge.”— REVENGE???? -Thank you Mr. Uniter!#WAR #LNYHBT #TCOT #TEAPARTY

— michael beatty (@michaelbeatty3) November 2, 2012

Obama to Ohio voters…”Voting is the best revenge.” Revenge? How’s that for hope and change?

— Ryan Hart (@TieflyRy) November 2, 2012

Really?! Nothing like a little rhetoric like that to bring folks together. Obama: ‘Voting Is The Best Revenge’…

— Jeff Gurner (@jeffgurner) November 2, 2012

Obama says voting is the best revenge. Against whom? Those under white crosses at Normandy, in Arlington, in Jefferson Barracks?

— Robert Meyer (@bobmeyer667) November 2, 2012

Obama says “voting is the best REVENGE” … Very presidential of you, asshole

— PolitiKellyRIGHT (@PolitiKellyRite) November 2, 2012

If what President Obama wants from this country is vengeance, he’ll get it in the form of conservatives exercising their right to kick him to the curb after four years of running this country into the ground:

#Obama says, “Voting is the best revenge!” in Springfield, #Ohio! Make SURE 2 use his words AGAINST him! #Vote #RomneyRyan2012

— John H Stickley, Jr. (@JHStY) November 2, 2012

Obama just said, “voting is the best revenge.”If that is true we know what to do. #VoteHimOut

— D. Shane Dismuke (@Shane_Dismuke) November 2, 2012

“Voting is the best revenge!”~ Pres. Obama Yeah, well you got that right, cubby. Serious payback for the last 4 years on Nov. 6th.

— Manny Laureano (@MrPrincetrumpet) November 2, 2012

As a DC resident, it’s literally the only reason I’m going to the polls. RT @chris_moody Obama at Ohio rally: “Voting’s the best revenge.”

— Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) November 2, 2012

Obama: “Don’t boo, vote. Voting is the best revenge.” Which is why, Mr. President, I’m voting for Mitt Romney. #ladysmarts #RomneyRyan2012

— April Halsey (@AprilHalsey) November 2, 2012

#Obama to Ohio: “Voting is the best revenge.” So Vote Him OUT! #Romney #VoteRomney

— nick&tony (@nicktony3) November 2, 2012

Pack your bags, Mr. President.

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