Palin zings WH: ‘Nanny state would shut down bake sale’; Promotes #OpenOurWH!/ericbolling/status/310794324684197888

Sarah Palin retweeted Fox News’ Eric Bolling’s call to open our White House.

RT @ericbolling:

— Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) March 10, 2013

She also let loose with an awesomely Sarah-style zinger.

Bake sales, anyone?I make a mean Baked Alaska,but afraid Nanny State would shut ‘er down.Bolling’s offer must suffice

— Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) March 10, 2013

Awesome. As Twitchy reported, #OpenOurWH trended on Twitter the other day, when Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity offered to pay for White House tours. The “people’s house” is closed for tours, as part of sequester scare theater. Naturally, it won’t be closed for buddies like Adele and Beyonce.

Of course, the nasty came out.

@sarahpalinusa wait, are you still around? You are nothing. A washed up reminder of the GOP’s many failures.A failed governor and mother.

— Vagina Gravy (@VaginaGravy) March 10, 2013

@sarahpalinusa …..jesus fuck’n christ, are you still here ????you’re 15 minutes were up years ago; you’re like a broken record

— zombie gadfly (@gadfly112) March 10, 2013

@sarahpalinusa Barf!

— Michael Trombley (@MTinVT) March 10, 2013

@sarahpalinusa lick my ass

— Jonathan Deez (@jonnysballs) March 10, 2013

Stay classy.

Non-nasty Twitter users praise the idea and help keep the hashtag going.

@ericbolling @sarahpalinusa @whitehouse Daughters 16th bday gift is trip to DC and WH Tour. Bummed now there is no tour.#OpenOurWH Please RT

— Jackie (@OnMySouls) March 10, 2013

@ericbolling @sarahpalinusa yes cut back on parties dog trainer keep Michele home from talk shows promoting her move on they need 2 move on

— Maxine AG (@maxine41823) March 10, 2013

Closing WH instinctive for Obama, as is his closing his mind to reducing taxes/spending/debt/deficit. #OpenOurWH

— I Dare Say (@susanfae) March 10, 2013

Hey Jay Carney @presssec, please tell our Petulant President Panic to stop #fakecuts & #OpenOurWH now! #tcot #ocra #teaparty @ericbolling

— WackoBird Bill S. (@AskYnow) March 10, 2013

RT @ericbolling: the momentum going!

— Carol Romano (@minnie5552) March 10, 2013

Momentum, indeed. We suspect that Sarah Palin’s tweet will help that momentum continue. Fight like a girl? You betcha! Bake sales included.

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