‘Our North Star’: White House tweets another photo of guess who?


You’d thought he’d forgotten about the economy, hadn’t you? Sure, it might seem sometimes like President Obama’s laser-like focus on jobs isn’t what it should be, but as this clip from WordsMatter demonstrates, the man has a lot of top priorities to juggle between rounds of golf.

Rest assured, though, that kick-starting the economy is the president’s North Star; either that, or the White House staff is trying to tell us that Obama is its North Star. That’s probably it, actually.

North star…a savior is born at the WH? “@whitehouse: Our North Star. on.wh.gov/HxI5Xe8, twitter.com/whitehouse/sta…

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) May 11, 2013

Well, he is the Lightbringer. RT @whitehouse: Our North Star. on.wh.gov/HxI5Xe8 , twitter.com/whitehouse/sta…

— Patrick H. (@trogdor8768) May 11, 2013

@whitehouse Lol, who’s writing these tweets? He’s our president not our god. Much lulz, guy.

— Jade Saelee (@SimplyMagnius) May 11, 2013

@whitehouse The quote should read: “Look! Look! A squirrel!”

— Crosby Swanson (@Tungman) May 11, 2013

@whitehouse 5 years in, and now this is the focus?Spare me the rhetoric

— M. Baldwin (@baldwin100) May 11, 2013

@ingrahamangle @whitehouse so then why is the President continuing to enact policy that cripples the middle class? #nonsense #OrwellWasRight

— Jake Hill (@jkhill11) May 11, 2013

@whitehouse ha! Too bad you don’t spend much time on looking at your “north star”.

— melzy71 (@melzy71) May 11, 2013

@ingrahamangle @irritatedwoman@whitehouse everything “top priority” but truly nothing is “top priority” except golf

— Teresa Sutton (@teresasutt) May 11, 2013

@whitehouse LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL”You’re killing us Mr. President”-Middle Class

— Miles (@milesglev) May 11, 2013

We’re beginning to sense a theme.

I just threw up in my mouth “@whitehouse: Our North Star. on.wh.gov/HxI5Xe8, twitter.com/whitehouse/sta…

— Amelia(@AmeliaHammy) May 11, 2013

@whitehouse Oh barf.

— Jen Stroup (@JenStroup) May 11, 2013

You make me sick. RT @whitehouse Our North Star. on.wh.gov/HxI5Xe8, twitter.com/whitehouse/sta…

— Alyssa (@YR_AlyssaNJ) May 11, 2013

Vomit worthy. RT @whitehouse: Our North Star. on.wh.gov/HxI5Xe8, twitter.com/whitehouse/sta…

— Emily (@txgril) May 11, 2013

@ingrahamangle @whitehouse Somebody owes me a keyboard, I just hurled all over this one….

— ElDiabloDeLosLefties (@ElDiablodelosLe) May 11, 2013

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