Oops! Manhattan DA tweets a long string of letters


Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. caught the attention of the Twitterverse tonight by tweeting an incomprehensible string of letters. We’re guessing that Vance (or some poor staffer) left his phone on in his pocket. That or Mr. Vance has a very playful cat.

@manhattanda I see a syntax error

— randall millard (@randadtrade) April 25, 2013

@manhattanda it was me, I confess

— Rui Da Luz (@IRC408) April 25, 2013

@manhattanda @dleonhardt Butt tweet??

— SquallLine (@ColdWaterMaine) April 25, 2013

@manhattanda Clearly a feline attack of the keyboard.

— Carrie Kinnison (@MyApplePi) April 25, 2013

Finally someone agrees with me! nbbnnnbb! MT @manhattanda Xc00sq;n;nhjnhjnhjnbnbb nbbnnnbb. Hj`jkhjjkjjkjhjjkjkjkjk ttTtttTTTtTttTttttttttt

— Emily Razi (@youcanspellthis) April 25, 2013

Don’t work with cats nearby MT @manhattanda Xc00sq;n;nhjnhjnhjnhjnjbnnbbnbnbb nbbnnnbb. Hj`jkhjjkhjhjjkjhjjkjkjkjkjkjk ttTtttTTTtTtttTtt

— Jeremy B. White (@jeremybwhite) April 25, 2013

@jeremybwhite @manhattanda R U pocketTweEtTinG? broke a thumb and/or iPhone display?

— cHarleS (@simcha5772) April 25, 2013

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