Lying Never Gets You Ahead, But It Does Make Us LOL. This Is Ridiculous.

Honesty is the best policy. In fact, it’s more important now, than ever to be honest. Our interconnected world makes it so much easier to find the truth. As a result, it’s also a lot more painful when the truth finally does come out, especially on social media.

Take these 25 people for example. I can’t believe they thought no one would find out. Just wait until you get to #11, oh man. 

1.) Clearly you’re not banking on it hard enough.

2.) I’ll give him credit for the effort.

3.) Looks like a delicious breakfast, but…

sadly it’s a stolen photo.

4.) More correctly, you caught yourself sleeping.

5.) Not what I expected.

6.) Sure. Sure you are.

7.) Double trouble.

8.) If only this was real.

9.) So creepy.

10.) So drunk they don’t even know it.

11.) When you can’t make it to the game…

just photoshop yourself into the game.

12.) Talk about copyright infringement.

13.) They didn’t even try to cover up their lies.

14.) Wow. Just wow.

15.) Sounds like someone wants attention.

16.) Paintings. Also known as fancy Instagram filters.

17.) Sometimes you do something just because you can.

18.) You are no Robert Downey Jr.

19.) A public relations nightmare.

20.) Video game reporters are the worst.

21.) I think there’s a reason for her score.

22.) Almost got away with it, but not really.

23.) I’d be impressed with his grandmother’s technical skills if this was real.

24.) You need to appreciate yourself sometimes.

25.) No you didn’t draw this.

(Via: Ebaum’s World)

The moral of the story: Don’t lie, and especially don’t lie on social media. You’ll get caught, and it will be hilarious. Show you appreciation for honesty by clicking below to share this story on Facebook. 

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