Lunch Summit? Romney, Obama to do lunch at White House tomorrow!/lachlan/status/273804175584923648

Heh. Twitter is buzzing with the news that Mitt Romney and President Obama will “do lunch” tomorrow at the White House.

Can we do lunch? @mittromney and @barackobama will lunch privately at white house tomorrow – answer to the q where is mitt?

— Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) November 28, 2012

There is to be no press coverage, apparently. Transparency!

Unlikely: WH announcement of 1st meeting between Obama + MittRomney says “there will be no press coverage of the meeting”

— lesley clark (@lesleyclark) November 28, 2012

There’s no press coverage of tomorrow’s Obama-Romney lunch, but I’d be surprised if the White House didn’t release a Pete Souza photo.

— Ethan Klapper (@ethanklapper) November 28, 2012

And Twitter users start weighing in with their trademark snark.

Chick-fil-A #LunchSummit

— Stefan Becket (@stefanjbecket) November 28, 2012

Obama eating lunch tomorrow with Romney. If that’s not awkward enough for you, we could start reading each other’s OK Cupid profiles.

— Benjamin R. Freed (@brfreed) November 28, 2012

The Obama/Romney lunch should feature a “make your own sub” bar so Obama can point at Romney’s sandwich and say “Hey, you built that!”

— AdamBlickstein (@AdamBlickstein) November 28, 2012

I’ll only believe that Romney and Obama are having lunch together at the White House if *everyone* tweets it.

— Ellen Carmichael (@ellencarmichael) November 28, 2012


More please, Twitter!

Update: And Twitter delivers.

And binders full of women RT: @markknoller: Lunch with Romney would be more of a reconciliation if WH invited Big Bird too.

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) November 28, 2012

Why would Obama want to be seen having lunch with racist, woman hating, dog abusing, Prep School bully 1%er Mitt Romney…I don’t get it

— S.M (@redsteeze) November 28, 2012

Romney should have checked ahead to make sure Obama wasn’t gonna be there before booking his White House lunch reservation.

— Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank) November 28, 2012

Lunch Bunch: Will Obama give Mitt some WH Home Brew as a parting gift?Will Mitt give him an Econ 101 txtbook?

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) November 28, 2012

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