Joan Walsh mocks Kate Middleton’s ‘morning sickness,’ makes pope jokes!/joanwalsh/status/275641844338130944

Salon’s Joan Walsh is letting her hateful bitterness show once again. As Twitchy reported, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby. This is cause for congratulations from sane people.

Kate Middleton is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which can be very serious. Or, as Joan Walsh calls it “morning sickness.” Whatever! Ms. Walsh took this news as an opportunity to bash.

RT @joeheim: Difference between you and royalty: Kate Middleton has morning sickness so….she’s in the hospital.…

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) December 3, 2012

Twitter users swiftly let the willfully ignorant Walsh know a little something about this “morning sickness.”

.@joeheim Um, Joe? Extreme morning sickness can lead to dehydration, renal failure and miscarriage.…

— Marta Evry (@venice4change) December 3, 2012

@joeheim @joanwalsh No worries, just another case of liberals jumping on a storyto support their narrative without facts #TusconShootings

— Bryan Coughlin (@BPCoughlin) December 3, 2012

@joanwalsh She didn’t have just morning sickness; hyperemesis is a real thing, and it’s scary (I was hospitalized for it too).

— Ami Sullivan (@Imanitsud) December 3, 2012

@joanwalsh It depends on the degree. I had NO morning sickness. Friend had to be hospitalized for it, and lost her second baby because of it

— Fra sku (@Frasku) December 3, 2012

@joanwalsh It’s not mocking royalty that’s a problem. It’s assuming she’s not really sick. Severe morning sickness can be dangerous.

— Heather (@HMcDEsq) December 3, 2012

Bingo. What about common decency, Ms. Walsh?

. @joanwalsh you don’t need to be deferential to royalty. I’m not. I am, however, sympathetic to other women’s physical ills.

— Laura Hume (@LeftyRosie) December 3, 2012

Stop scolding her! By scolding, she means pointing out her own actions.

Oooh, Twitter is for scolding! I was not mocking morning sickness, either. Just the thought that some get more support than others.

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) December 3, 2012

She then doubles down on the fail by attempting to bash the pope.

Ultimate proof that Twitter is for scolding: Here comes the Pope!

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) December 3, 2012

Oh, and I’m Catholic, so spare me the charges of Catholic-bashing. Back to work!

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) December 3, 2012

Some of her best friends are popes, rubes!

Twitter calls her out on this, too.

@joanwalsh You know Joan, your version of being a Catholic is probably the same as Pelosi and Biden; both heretics and CINOs.

— William (@Political_Moose) December 3, 2012

Allegedly… RT @joanwalsh Oh, and I’m Catholic, so spare me the charges of Catholic-bashing. Back to work!

— Moira Fitzgerald (@Moira1987) December 3, 2012

This is the Greatest and Best Argument in the World. Tribute. MT @joanwalsh: I’m Catholic, so spare me the charges of Catholic-bashing.

— Daniel Foster (@DanFosterNRO) December 3, 2012


Hey, Joan, is this what you call “scolding” of the pope? We call it vicious hate. But, then, you don’t really know the difference do you?


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