‘If there is no risk…’: Reporter has a question for CDC director


According to the Centers for Disease Control, passengers who shared commercial flights with a man from Liberia who has been diagnosed with Ebola in Dallas, Texas need not worry, because there is “zero risk” to them:

CDC Director: "ebola doesn't spread before ebola patient gets sick, and he didn't get sick until four days after he got off the plane."

— Andrew Freedman (@afreedma) September 30, 2014

No risk to anyone aboard plane in flight from Liberia CDC says cause #ebola does not spread until person gets sick.

— Shimon Prokupecz (@ShimonPro) September 30, 2014

CDC doesn't recommend people on same commercial airline flights w/US #Ebola patient undergo monitoring. http://t.co/wjPNZ4ROTZ

— CDC (@CDCgov) September 30, 2014

Dr. Frieden, CDC : "Remember, Ebola doesn't spread before someone gets sick and HE didn't get sick until 4 days after he got off the plane."

— CBC News Community (@CBCCommunity) September 30, 2014

CDC: There was "zero risk" of first U.S. patient with Ebola transmitting disease to fellow passengers on his flight. http://t.co/IjCutNjuth

— Capital Journal (@WSJPolitics) October 1, 2014

#BREAKING CDC says no risk of Ebola transmission to people on plane with patient because he had no symptoms then. pic.twitter.com/KmeKJDuNmt

— WFLA NEWS (@WFLA) September 30, 2014

With that in mind, Jeff Smith, reporter for NBC5 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, asked the following:

@DrFriedenCDC Why dedicate a team member to research who else was on the flights w/ Ebola patient if there is 'no' risk to other passengers?

— Jeff Smith (@JeffSmithNBC5) October 2, 2014

Interesting question.



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