Homophones won’t vote for Obama


#awsum, indeed. Time for a quick Twitter search to see how many brave souls are out there fighting the good fight against homophones.

@Twitlertwit @lovelyladypa I have a hard time believing this changes things that dramatically homophones weren't going to vote for Obama

— John Conner (@MotorCityLib) May 10, 2012

opinion. just cus yal some homophones doesn't mean everyone else is. what yal goin to do if your child turn out gay? shun them? beat them?

— White Chyna (@LilBits_) May 10, 2012

Homophones are actually gays who were mentally changed by their parents or religion. They're still gay, they hide it with hate.

— Cole (@ColeMadness) May 4, 2012


Ima follow: faggots/homophones, niggers/racists, jews/antisems, whores/sluts/cunts/virgins,drunk/sober,flatearth/birthers/hipsters/oldtimers

— TROOF N' SOUL (@mrtruthandsoul) May 5, 2012

Racists, homophones. PEOPLE. RT @GryffindorZita #ICantStandPeople who can't accept others for who they are.

— Lumos Livvy (@LiamMagicKidney) May 7, 2012

@Michaeldonehoo @muhlisuh13 @oaklandelle …makes racists and homophones comfortable to voice their bigotry.

— ☭ ישי בן-אברהם ☭ (@SFTovarishch) May 9, 2012

@markleggett I just assume all homophones are gay.

— Sir Nate (@natecochrane) May 4, 2012

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