His Son Was Declared Brain Dead But This Dad Wouldn’t Give Up, So He Pulled A Gun

Parents will go to pretty incredible lengths to protect their children, even if it means serving jail time just to keep them alive.

George Pickering III had a long medical history of seizures, but it was a stroke that caused the 27-year-old to be pronounced brain dead by doctors. While doctors began shopping his organs around even before pulling the plug, his father, George Pickering II, took matters into his own hands.

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In an attempt to persuade medical professionals not to pull the plug, the devastated dad snuck a gun into the hospital. This prompted an hours-long standoff between the father and medical professionals. He was eventually disarmed by a SWAT team.

The standoff concluded once Pickering had assurance that the plug would not be pulled on his child.

Luckily for all involved, everyone was unharmed and not a single shot was fired. Soon after the standoff, Pickering was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after which he served jail time. By December of 2015, the Pickerings were reunited, as the son’s health had vastly improved.

Watch as the two look back on the ordeal.

Although the plan worked in the Pickering family’s favor, this could have been handled differently. We should all just be thankful that no one was injured in the struggle.

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