Here’s Greg Gutfeld at a baseball game; His commentary is must-read [pic]!/Lex_491/status/518571059814354945

Well, that sounds intriguing, although liver-damaging! It started with this:

I am at a sporting match. The strapping young men are impressive. I believe this is baseball

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) October 4, 2014

Oh dear. Sporty thingies are hard.

@greggutfeld touchdown!

— The Wound Channel (@thewoundchannel) October 4, 2014

.@greggutfeld which one's the goalie?

— Lady Goodman (@LadyGoodman3) October 4, 2014

@greggutfeld and the object is to hit these bases with the ball?

— Harold Stickeehands (@StickeeNotes) October 4, 2014

@greggutfeld It's tradition to run on the field and hug your favorite player. Make sure you do it soon lest you look impolite.

— Anthony Eboly (@AnthonyBialy) October 4, 2014


@greggutfeld you pulling for the Nats, right?

— Patches! (@PatBruceWayne) October 4, 2014

Is he?

Washington, D.C. Isn't a state. Giants are a real team made of real people. Nationals are robots made of felt.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) October 4, 2014


The nationals are a great team if you eat kittens.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) October 5, 2014

Never change, Gutfeld.

He couldn’t resist a Jasper dig, natch.

After my first nationals game I can safely say among the 44 thousand not one jasper fan @DanaPerino

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) October 5, 2014

Dana Perino didn’t let it slide (oh my! Slide is baseball-y. We blame Gutfeld).

@greggutfeld from the nosebleed seats?

— Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) October 5, 2014


@DanaPerino for you a nose bleed seat is the dugout!

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) October 5, 2014

Oh snap.

Oh, the game was evidently pretty good too.

@DanaPerino @greggutfeld Greg, you picked the right game to attend, what a great game! it's too bad Jasper's not there with you!

— Dean A. Sorenson (@DeanSorenson) October 5, 2014

More please, Greg.


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