Epic Hacks That Will Help You This Winter Take THAT, Cold Weather

It’s no surprise our energy bills peak in winter — we’re inside more, cranking the heat up, watching TV, showering with hot water.

But the season doesn’t have to put you in debt! There are ways to save on your energy bills and stay warm at the same time. With these winter hacks, you’ll keep cozy, save money, and make it through the winter in one piece.

1. If you belong to a gym, shower there. It will save you when your hot water bills come around.

2. Layer your clothing and tuck your undershirt into your pants. It will prevent wind and drafts from coming into contact with your bare skin.

3. Wear running tights under your pants instead of long johns. They are sleeker and just as warm.

4. Use a cheap razor on a sweater to get rid of pills.

5. Brush light snow off your car with a broom, not a shovel or scraper. This reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle.

6. Use your oven to cook more. It will warm your kitchen and adjacent rooms.

7. Go outside for a bit. Your body needs vitamin D to function! In the winter you produce less of it because you’re inside so often, so get out at least once a day.

8. Apply cooking spray to your shovel so that snow doesn’t stick to it.

9. Use cotton gloves after moisturizing your hands. They’ll help your body retain the moisture better.

10. Turning down your thermostat and simply wearing a sweater will do wonders for reducing your energy bill.

Doing this while you sleep can cut it up to ten percent over the year!

11. Wear sunscreen; it helps moisturize your body and protects you from damaging UV rays that can affect you even in the winter.

12. Make sure your tires are top-notch by checking the tread with a penny.

Insert it head-first; if all of Lincoln’s head shows, you need new tires. If only part of it shows, you’re all set.

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13. If you are stuck in the snow or ice, use kitty litter or even your floor mats to help you gain traction.

14. During the day, open your curtains on south-facing windows. The sun will provide natural heat.

15. Waterproof your shoes instantly by putting plastic bags around them.

Be careful, though, as this can be slippery.

16. If you lost your ice scraper or just don’t have one, you can use a hard (not metal) spatula or even a credit card.

17. Put socks on your windshield wipers to ensure they don’t stick to your car in the freezing cold.

18. Get a humidifier so you won’t suffer from nosebleeds that come with winter dryness.

Wet air also feels warmer and holds heat more efficiently.

19. Run your ceiling fan on low and spin it clockwise. It will help warm air make it back down to ground level.

20. Put freezer bags on your side mirrors overnight so that they won’t accumulate ice in the sub-freezing temperatures.

21. Use tea lights and candles to warm your house. You’d be surprised at how helpful they are.

Plus, everyone looks good in candlelight.

22. Make sure your windows and small cracks are adequately caulked and insulated. This will save you tons on your heating bill.

23. Take shorter, lukewarm showers. Doing so will keep your skin from drying out and will save money on your energy bills.

24. Close off heating vents and doors to rooms you don’t frequently use. This will direct heat to where you need it the most.

(via Wise Bread)

These winter hacks should help you bridge the gap between autumn and spring with a couple extra bucks in your pocket. Hopefully we can all save enough money to afford a vacation to somewhere warmer next winter!

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