Day after HHS touted O-care data hub as success story, guess what’s down!/DTCahill/status/394325023843840000

Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services was touting the Obamacare data hub as one of the “success stories” of the launch so far. HHS also referred to the data hub as the “backbone” of the health insurance marketplace.!/HHSGov/status/394156168529981441!/ReutersUS/status/394193258445676544

Guess how long that “good news” lasted?

That was yesterday, this is today:!/AccessHealthCT/status/394542199591174144

Ha! Oh well, a “backbone” isn’t an important part, is it?!/JoannePtrs/status/394583273470308352

You can’t make this stuff up.!/BrianFaughnan/status/394570286471057409

As we’ve said before, if laughter is indeed the best medicine, that’s at least one part of Obamacare that’s delivering.


The list of “what’s working” continues to get much shorter.

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