Boehner puts tax hikes on table in latest fiscal cliff deal!/cloud30168/status/280145767472177152

News is breaking late Saturday that House Speaker John Boehner has offered a fiscal cliff deal that would involve tax hikes on those earning more than $1 million, rather than the $250,000 ceiling demanded by President Obama.

There are only reports from “a source close to the negotiations” for now, but that’s enough for many to express their feelings.

@dan_themandan what a joke! I had held out hope Boehner would remain firm but I was wrong.

— RightWingB (@RightWingB) December 16, 2012

@zerohedge So Boehner caves in like a prom date, and Obama decides to see how much more he can get for his corsage?

— Alvin691 (@Alvin691) December 16, 2012

So, #Boehner is a traitor to the people after all. Brace for 2013.

— AG Dot Com! (@AmGovDotCom) December 16, 2012

AP is reporting that Boehner is offering a “millionaire tax”.If true he’s done, the movement to remove him from House leader is on. #tcot

— Jack Moss (@macranger) December 16, 2012

Expect a conservative rebellion against @speakerboehner who just walked away from the Republican Party. #fireboehner

— Matthew Boyle (@mboyle1) December 16, 2012

According to Reuters, Boehner made the offer in exchange for major cuts in entitlements, but the president did not accept.

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