You’ll Notice Something Kinda Off In the Middle Of These Woods. Then Step Closer And… Whoa!

If you were walking through a forest in Sweden and saw this mysterious cube floating above you, what would you think? (I would personally freak out and run for cover.) Suspended by seemingly nothing and almost undetectable, this mirror cube looks otherworldly. In fact, it looks like some kind of alien device rather than what it actually is.

The mirror cube is actually a part of a unique hotel in Sweden, called the Treehotel.

It is one of the many different themed rooms that are suspended in the trees.

The mirror cube is 4x4x4 meters, with plywood-birch hardwood surface on the inside and six different windows. The views from the room are simply stunning.

So that birds don’t fly into the mirrors, the entire cube is coated in an infrared film, which the birds can see (but humans cannot).

According to the Treehotel site, the Mirrorcube offers excellent accommodation for two people with a double bed, bathroom, lounge, and rooftop terrace.

The cube is built around a tree and has a solid aluminum frame.

There is a 12 meter bridge leading up to the cube, which is basically the only thing that gives its location away.

Sound great? If you’re interested in renting the mirror cube room for yourself, you can book it online. It does cost about $700 a night, though, and it’s in Sweden. It’s not too late for an awesomely unique Valentine’s Day gift! Source: Treehotel This is one of the coolest modern hotel room designs we’ve ever seen. Share it with others by clicking below.

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