Wow, Earth… You’re Looking Really Hot… Call Me Sometime ;)

While going about our busy lives, it’s easy forget the fact that this planet we live on is SUPER GORGEOUS. In fact, after just looking at handful of the natural beauty Earth has produced, I’m convinced that aliens definitely don’t exist…or if they do, they’re very dumb for not trying to steal this amazing place from us. I mean, just look at what they’re missing out on.

Los Acros in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada

The Pink Wall in Rattlesnake Canyon, Utah

Inverewe Gardens in Scotland

Glacier National Park in Montana

Atacama Desert in Chili

Lake Natron in Tanzania

Mountains in Norway

Smokey Mountains in North Carolina

Mountains near Thule Air Base in Greenland

Patagonia in Argentina

(via: Reddit)

OK, don’t get jealous, aliens. Please don’t attack us! We can share! There’s plenty of gorgeousness to go around.

Share the pretty pics with your friends (alien or otherwise) below!

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