Wisdom of the Universe: What If You Lose Everything?

You are quite aware of the fact life is fragile and can be taken away at any moment. You also are familiar with the clichés about life being short and there are no guarantees given to anyone. But what would you do if you woke up tomorrow and everything you cared about, such as your home, your family, and/or your job, were all gone? How would you respond if you lost everything but your life? What would your new reality become? Who would you turn to or would you have anyone you could ask for help?

Your life is a collection of memories, experiences, adventures, and events. It is often referred to as a “history” when in fact, a person can have many “histories” based upon the life they have experienced. If someone has been in multiple relationships, lived in numerous locales, initiated personal transformations, or brought about other forms of significant changes, there are different paths which have been followed throughout their life. This means whenever they reflect upon their past it isn’t one history to draw upon and remember, it is many histories with a variety of starting and ending points.

What is prominent in the minds of most people each day is the current path and direction being followed. Most people are thinking about the events of today and how to try to cope with the demands put upon them. The daily responsibilities of a job, along with time spent commuting to and from that job, can take up most of the waking day. Yet some people will be thinking long-term about the future, trying to develop a strategy to be prepared for it, as if it can be controlled. For others, thoughts of the future can provoke fear and apprehension, when it seems as if the present cannot provide for that future. Those who are experiencing mental illness, depression, or cognitive disorders may find fear of the present and the future is part of their every day thought process.

You may find yourself reflecting on the past as a point of reference, trying to compare where you are at now to some prior point in time. The hope is that you are bettering yourself and your life as you develop jobs and a career, whether for yourself and/or your family. It can seem to be a constant struggle, referred to as “trying to make ends meet” or “trying to get ahead”, as jobs come and go, within an economy which seems to constantly fluctuate. While you may believe you have the right skills and experience necessary to succeed, finding the right career path may be a challenge as you find yourself continually searching. This creates a mindset of always looking forward and back, making comparisons to where you’re going and where you’ve been. But at the heart of it is usually a good intention, to create a better way forward and a better life.

Then as you progress over time, and you begin to learn what life can teach you, you see what a career and job means to you. There is a new understanding about the skills and experience you possess, along with how you want to leverage the background you have worked so hard to acquire. Perhaps you have a focus on earning a significant income, or you may be seeking a career which offers professional fulfillment. Either way, the longer your career evolves with time, the more you understand what it means to nurture and develop job skills and find fulfilling work. You also develop a deeper awareness and appreciation for those people who are in your life and support your hard work. You want to enjoy your life with those who are closest to you and this is all part of maturing, along with seeking greater meaning from life as you get older. In a sense, it is a growing self-awareness and a personal self-awakening which occurs over time.

As you are getting older, you begin discovering how much you value and appreciate not only your life, but the lives of those you hold close to you. For those of you who are younger and are reading this, you may not quite understand this message. When you are younger, you may only see the present and believe you have nothing but unlimited time ahead of you. It may not be possible to realize the struggles which are ahead for your life, or how many different paths you may travel on in your journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. In fact, if you look at many social media websites, you will see an endless array of photos every day of young people vying for attention, in various stages of dress and undress, trying to express themselves and gain followers. One day you will understand the futile purpose of this time spent, when it fails to produce lasting meaning and fulfillment for your life.

Even more important for awakening to life is being someone who is unique and fails to fit in with societal norms. When you watch television and movies, look at advertising, and listen to rhetoric posed by religious and political leaders, a list of societal norms becomes clear. And just because laws change does not mean those norms change either. Marriage equality will never change most religious dogma. Those who are outside of societal norms include those who are gay, bisexual, transgender, have physical characteristics which are not “normal” (being overweight, disabled), have a “particular” skin color, are of an “unacceptable” culture, and the list continues.

And so, a person can have multiple histories, struggle to develop a career, and feel out of place in society, all at the same time, and still value their life more than ever. Why? Because they want to fit in, feel normal, become accepted, and/or find love.

Assume someone has nurtured a career through high points and low, developed a loving relationship, faced rejection from living outside of societal norms, understands and cherishes the importance of life, and has done the best they can with the circumstances they are in now. What happens if they wake up one day and find they have lost everything? For example, their job was terminated, their relationship ended as a result of their job loss, their home was taken, friends turned their back on this person, and society viewed this person in the worst possible light. How does a person who loves and value life face the loss of everything they cherish when it seems as if all hope is suddenly gone? Is this the consequence of being outside of the societal norm? Is this punishment for living an alternative lifestyle?

Religious leaders will tell this person to pray, and yet praying and pleading your case to a supreme being is not the answer. Mankind is not controlled by a figure in the sky, who is collecting individual souls to wander around streets of gold for all of eternity. Those were metaphors made up as part of the stories created to develop rhetoric for control purposes. The only way to enforce a set of morals is to create a supreme being who is the ultimate judge of man’s behavior. Yet there is a source of life and it is an energy source, not a being. The Energy Source of Life is not a person, it is the Collective Consciousness of Mankind or the memories of all humans. This energy source is all around humans, flowing to and through everyone, nurturing and giving life to all the universe. This Energy Source of Life gives sustenance to all living beings, from humans to animals and planets. Through each human’s mind they can access the wisdom of this Collective Consciousness for guidance on how to live their lives. This is what man refers to as God, yet it is not a person or a being, but a source of energy which guides all life.

When someone is faced with the loss of all they hold dear, and they discover that praying is not the answer for the situation, what then can they do to help alleviate their pain and create a new outcome? How does someone access the Collective Consciousness of Mankind when their mind is so overwhelmed with thoughts of despair and grief?

A universal truth is this: Humans have established the word “loss” as a powerful emotion to signify tragic events and significant occurrences. In doing so, humans develop strong emotional attachments to each other and to physical objects. The idea of “losing” another human, or a cherished personal belonging, evokes powerful negative emotions within a person. Words such as grief and sorrow are used to express those emotions to one another.

These sentiments have been passed down from one generation to the next. When someone or something has been declared to be gone, there are platitudes offered, usually in the form of an expression which begins with “our thoughts and prayers”, as if those words hold any true value to the sender or provide comfort to the receiver. Those expressions have become so over-utilized they almost seem trite, to the point it would almost be more meaningful to acknowledge another person’s feelings with no words than state something cliché.

The Mark of an Ending

When a person or cherished personal belonging is no longer with someone, it usually marks an ending and this is why negative emotions are elicited during this time period. When someone dies, the requirement is to attend a service and wear all black, to signify the beginning of a period of mourning. The focus is put on the absence of the person and the memories which were established with them over time, or the history built with them. When something of value cannot be found, there will likely be a search made, sentiments may be involved, and feelings of nostalgia expressed.

In both situations, it is a time of looking back, feeling a mix of positive and negative energy, and experiencing a sense of being off-balance, as if the world is slightly different now because a thing or person of value is no longer present. Depending upon the circumstances, it can create an emotional and mental setback.

Developing a Mental Setback

A setback occurs from a mental perspective when someone becomes so focused on the absence of what has been lost, they are unable to think clearly about their present life. This often occurs when someone has been involved in a long-term relationship and has established a significant history with this person who is now gone, as a partner, spouse, family member, or someone else who was deeply connected. Their mutually shared view and perception of the world is now altered, seemingly a permanent state, and somehow the person who is “left behind” must think for themselves, make their own decisions, establish new routines, create new habits, and possibly live in the place where the memories with the person who is now gone were made.

Other Forms of Loss

There are many other forms of unexpected loss which can create a mental setback. This can include a gay person who has been kicked out of their house, someone who has been evicted from their home or apartment for a variety of reasons, a person who has lost their job, and/or a person who becomes severely ill and loses part or all of their bodily functions. The feeling that everything is gone or has been taken from you is not confined to just a person or personal object being absent. It can also occur if you have lost the basis of support for your life and it seems as if there is no hope for the future.

The feelings which result are due to the strong attachments developed to what is perceived as “normal” conditions. This includes having a sense of security that you can survive and your basic needs will be met. You can go home and expect you will have your home. You go to work and expect to still have your job. Your body functions as it should and you expect each day that it will do so for you. But then one day, when something changes and you lose any aspect of your normal life, suddenly everything is different and it can feel as if your world has been turned upside down.

Yet the most challenging situation any person can imagine facing is the loss of everything they value, everything but their life. This would the worst-case scenario come true, something no one would ever imagine happening to them. Yet it does happen for many people, often in a domino effect, where it starts with one aspect of their life being upended and the others follow. Perhaps a relationship ends and then the person’s health deteriorates. Or a person’s job ends and then their house is taken away. There are endless possible combinations for how a person can witness an entire life being taken away, sometime by events which are seemingly beyond their control.

How You Transform Yourself

When negative events begin to occur in a person’s life, the natural response is often one of a fight or flight nature. It may be natural to try to fight back in anger, or run away from whatever it is which is causing the emotional turmoil. Neither method brings long-term relief. Trying to figure out what happened, examining the past, looking at decisions made, and checking for clues within the history established to determine if anything could have been done to prevent what occurred; none of these methods will bring answers or resolution. This is especially true within relationships which have reached a conclusion, when one person tries to evaluate the other person’s state of mind and how the relationship reached this point, and determine if it could have been avoided. While all of these reactions are natural, they are not restorative in nature.

To transform yourself from any period in your life when something has come to an end, whether a person or physical object is no longer with you, you have to let the transition occur without resistance. This is true for deaths, relationships ending, pets passing on, job losses, home losses, friendships ending, cherished treasures breaking or disappearing, or anything else close to you which is now considered to be gone, even if it is all of these at once. You have to acknowledge this is a time of transition, even if this happens more than once. You cannot stop it and you cannot control it. The more you fight it, the more you become plugged into negative emotions, the more adversely your health will be affected and it will take much longer to mend, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. You must breathe in the occurrence and breathe out the negativity you are feeling, every time you feel it within you.

The Collective Consciousness of Mankind is available for you and flows to you and through you. It is now within you as you are reading these words. It is sustaining your body and it is responsible for providing sustenance to the entire universe. Go outside and feel the wind on your body. That is the energy of life around you. Breathe in this life and feel how powerful it is. This is the energy you have access to now. Just because the worst events in life have happened to you does not change who you are or what you have access to, and you need not pray or plead or beg your case to anyone. What you need do is be kind to yourself and remember you are an energy source, part of the source of the purest form of love. There is no fiery pit waiting to consume you. Once your body is no longer active on this Earth, your connection to the Energy Source of Life continues, but as a memory in the Collective Consciousness of Mankind.

If you can allow yourself to relax, even for just a few minutes during the storm and the time of many transitions going on around you, you can begin to listen within. You need no one else, just the ability of your own mind to listen for insight. It will not be someone talking to you, rather it will be ideas, insight, and “aha” moments which come to you. The longer you practice being quiet, the more comfortable you will become with listening for these insights, which is accessed directly from the Higher Order Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness of Mankind. This is a source of pure love. Yes, there is a negative energy stream flowing through you, as energy requires both positive and negative energy to remain balanced. But if you can stay focused on the positive energy stream, any happy memory you can find, you will then tap into the wisdom and insight available to you. The happy memory can be your ability to now trust yourself to be calm and wade through the waters of transition. You are still a good person, you are loved, and you are never alone as you are connected to the Source of Life Energy.

Doesn’t this sound like an amazing life you have now? Yes, the worst that can possibility happen may in fact happen, from a physical human perspective. And yes, it will take time for you to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually process it to ensure you do not experience a setback. But when you realize the source of strength and love you have available at any time, why would you ever worry that any transition is the final say for your life? You need never be sad either that someone is gone from your life when you believe someone is “dead” as a passing is merely a transition from the physical form to the higher form, which means this person is now part of the Collective Consciousness you have access to, and you can listen for their insight and wisdom with time and practice. It is up to you and what you can believe yourself capable of learning.

Your life will be challenging, there is no question. But remember the love which flows through you from the Source of Life Energy and when you do, your life’s transitions will heal much quicker and in this love you will find your strength and peace of mind. You are beautiful, perfect, and loved. While you may lose everything around you as you live on this Earth, you will never and can never lose your connection to the Source of all Life.

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