Why We Need More CIVIL Discourse?


Most historians, and/ or students of history and social studies, have observed, we are currently living through a period of time, where there appears to be far more vitriol, than courtesy, and, perhaps, the least CIVIL discourse, we’ve witnessed, in recent memory. There appears to be a level of anger and angst, from both sides of the political spectrum, and while we have seen anger and protests many times before, in our history, such as the Vietnam protests, Civil Rights marches, etc, the overall level of apparent vitriol and lack of empathy, today, seems unlike anytime, before, in history. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why, if America is to return to true glory, we must address, in a serious, concerted manner!

1. Character; cooperation; common ground, common courtesy; create/ creativity: If we elected our public officials, based on actual characteristics, and qualities, rather than entertainment value, and their rhetoric and empty promises, our leaders might possess a higher quality level of character, which focused on seeking cooperation, and striving for the common good. What ever happened to common courtesy, which seems lacking, all too often? We need our officials to create things, based on benefits to all, rather than merely focusing on their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest, and to proceed, with the creativity, based on preparation and understanding, to bring people together, and unify, to make America, as good as it might be!

2. Ideas; imagination: All too often, we witness a lack of quality ideas, and elect people, who lack the imagination, to consider options and alternatives, and see things as they should be, rather than merely, as they are, or are remembered!

3. Vision; views; value; values: Examine someone’s vibrant, vital vision, and consider, if it will create a leader, with views, which are consistent with the values, of our society. Always ask what some pie – in – the – sky, idea, will cost, achieve, and whether it provides quality, and value, for the majority of Americans!

4. Interested; intelligent; integrity: How can anyone, who is not interested in the “common folks,” serve them properly, and represent their best interests? Don’t accept an individual, informing you, he is intelligent, but closely observe his level of preparation, and insight, thoroughly, and in – depth! Demand leaders maintain absolute integrity!

5. Listen; learn; leadership; lessons: Public officials must be ready, willing, and able, to learn lessons from the past, and present, but avoid living in the past! We need to be represented by people, with quality leadership skills, as well as being ready, willing and able, to consistently, listen effectively, and learn from every conversation and experience.

Wake up, America, because it’s time for us to demand, our leaders to represent us, and bring us together, for the common good! Now, more than ever, we need better, and a higher degree of cooperation, etc.

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