Why Do You Do What You Do?

Are you ever been so exasperated with your loved ones, that you ask them: Why? Why did you do that?

The feelings inside you are a mixture of confusion, frustration, and irritation. Because you couldn’t find a logical reason as to why they did what they did. Especially when it is something that would inevitably impact you and others,

The thing is, your loved one would have no logical explanation for what they did. By this time, they are filled with regret with no answers, and feeling ashamed (maybe), misunderstood, and alone.

Perhaps there is no logical reason for why we do what we do. Perhaps our why is more an emotional reason that defies logic, our why may not make sense, our why is only something we get, and it makes us impulsive enough to do something that may cause hurt/harm to others.

OR it may give us the drive to keep doing what we want to do because our WHY is just so compelling. Many who have set their hearts to what they wish to do as part of their life mission know their reason WHY, but it is not easy for them to explain it in logical terms to others.

Explaining only makes the WHY sound cheesy, condescending, and almost as if it has lost its significance. For, eg, if someone says, I want to save the world. Their answer may make some people roll their eyes!

But in their hearts of hearts, the person in question does want to save the world, in his or her way! But when verbalised it sounds somewhat lame.

So how do we then express our WHYs?

The simplest way is through our actions. There are way too many people talking about what they want to do, or feeling like they want to do this or that.

The best way to express your WHY is to do it.

I’ve always it found it difficult to share when I’m asked, Why do I do what I do. If I said: “I want to help others”, to me, it sounds pretty lame. Everyone is helping someone in one way or another.

If I said: “I was pretty lost at the time when I needed some guidance when I battled with my addictions alone, I felt no one really understood.” It sounded like I was blaming the world, and have made myself a victim.

So I have realised that the best way to express my WHY is to simply do it. I show my passion through the different channels of my coaching/healing work. And to support sustainability I’ve been planting trees for a decade now. Every time someone engages my services, trees are planted!

I believe in leaving people better than when I first met them.

And I also believe in leaving the earth better than when I first arrived, and with things going the way they are on the planet, I’m not sure how things will pan out. So I do what is possible and within my means — I work with various tree planting organizations!

Why I do what I do can’t be fully expressed here, and it is alright.

I urge you to get into action to express your BIG WHY. Don’t wait for the perfect time, or the ideal explanation, or the perfect branding etc.

Every minute lost is a minute less for you to BE YOU. So be that WHY!

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10006559