Which America, Do We Seek?: Back To The Past, A Divided Present, The Vision Of The Future?

We are currently living, in, perhaps, the most divided, America, since the Civil War! Regardless of your personal political preferences, priorities, goals, biases, and/ or prejudices, this should concern, all of us! Should we seek leadership, which focuses on its core supporters, and political base, regardless of qualifications, etc, or, should we strive for better, more insightful, prepared, relevant, realistic individuals, to lead our nation? Certainly, these are troubling times, with threats, both within our country, and abroad, but, unless/ until, we view these obstacles as challenges, to address and overcome, rather than problems, to react to, we risk significant negative ramifications! Reality is different from movies, theater, or music, and, thus, while some, seem attracted to the concept of going Back to the Future, and/ or, seek the fond messages of the simpler times, of, Happy Days, the best course, forward, is strategic planning, and quality action plans, or empty promises, and/ or rhetoric! Was Paul Simon, correct, in, Kodachrome, when he wrote, Everything looks worse, in black and white, or when he adapted his lyrics, to state, Everything looks better, etc? It’s essential, today, for us, to seriously consider, which America, we seek, back to the past, a divided present, or which options, we prefer, for our future! With that in mind, this article will, briefly, attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means, and why it’s an important consideration.

1. Back to the past: It’s human nature, to fondly recall our memories, but, does the reality, equal the memories? When a Presidential campaign, articulates a message, Make America, Great Again, doesn’t it, indicate, our nation is, no longer great? Are we forgetting about the less – than – stellar challenges, of our past, including, issues, related to civil rights, women’s rights, workers safety, etc? While we should focus on the rights discussed by the Founding Fathers, isn’t the basic difference, between this nation, and most others, the concepts of freedom, rights, liberty, and justice, for all? Do we want a nation, where certain individuals, had to use separate bathrooms, and sit, in the back of the bus, or, one, where our citizens, received protections, and a better quality of life?

2. Divided present: There is little doubt, a large percentage of the 35 – 40%, who consider themselves, President Trump’s core supporters, are attracted to the man’s message, and the way, he articulates it! How healthy, and/ or, productive is it, when the level of partisan politics, and, an unwillingness to seek any meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good, seems to be occurring? What does it say, about us, that so many Republican officials, seem to be focused on enabling and showing allegiance and support for Trump, than to any true principles? Examine proposals regarding health care, taxes, environment, etc, and, ask yourself, whether these, are beneficial, in a relevant, sustainable manner, to most Americans, etc!

3. Vision for the future: Is quality health care, and an affordable access, to it, be a basic right, or only available, to the wealthiest? Does an educational system, and insurance arena, where so many, can’t afford it, seem to be, in accordance, with, our concepts of liberty and justice, for all? Are political agendas, and politics, forming our environmental policies, and what does that mean, towards a sustainable future? Shouldn’t we focus on addressing the ramifications of climate change, rather than denying it?

Which America do you want, and will you visualize, and demand? Wake up, America, before it’s too late!

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