When This Cow’s Mom Died, An Unexpected Caretaker Took Over

Lacey Gray works as a professional photographer in Memphis, Tennessee.

When one of her clients asked to feature a baby calf in a photo shoot, Gray contacted her husband’s uncle, a livestock owner, and tried to make it happen. But after learning that separating a mother cow from her calf would be bad for the animals, she decided against the idea.

Then, tragedy struck. Her husband’s uncle called her and told her that one of his cows had taken a nasty fall and wasn’t expected to survive. The cow had just given birth to a newborn calf, and without her mother, the calf wouldn’t survive, either.

Gray agreed to take in the baby cow, who’s named Molly.

Gray’s young daughter Kinley was quick to adapt to having a cow sister.

The toddler greeted Molly with open arms and even showed her around her new home.

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