When Digging In Their Garden, They Found Something That Sent Chills Down Their Spines

It’s never fun to have construction done on your house…

Workmen are tromping around, loud noises are expected, and something always makes the job last longer than it should.

Like, say…human remains.

While that might be a little bit of a reach for most home improvement projects, that’s just what happened to one Australian family.

When their house needed some foundation work, they brought in some heavy equipment to dig out their front yard.

But when the dog got involved, she uncovered something a bit…unexpected.

Skull fragments!

After further inspection, more pieces turned up.

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But this is when things really got out of hand…

Yes, folks, that is a jaw with teeth still intact.

Oh look…more skull fragments!

Naturally, the cops were called.

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No one wanted to make the final determination that the remains were human…

So more police were summoned.

But ultimately, the forensics team was called in and the remains were taken away.

Apparently, the Redditor‘s house is situated on top of an old cemetery. When it was decommissioned back in 1872, the bodies were moved to a new resting spot. At least MOST of them were…

While the family has been cleared of any suspicious behaviors, the local university plans on sending some “archaeologists over to scout through the rest of the disturbed ground.” Here’s hoping they don’t find too many more remains — these are creepy enough!

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