What This Guy Saw In North Korea Is Absolutely Insane…I Don’t Get It

North Korea has a reputation for being the most reclusive country on Earth. Because of that, there’s so much about daily life in North Korea that we don’t know, and what little information we do gather comes from refugees and the very few tourists who are permitted to visit the country each year.

One of those tourists was Redditor redseedit. He visited North Korea during the summer of 2012. When he got home, he was going through a few of his pictures when he came across something weird.

This picture was taken at Taesongsan Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery, which is on the top of a mountain facing the country’s capital city of Pyongyang.

While enjoying the view, redseedit also took some pictures of the surrounding landscape. When he took a closer look at the images, however, he noticed something odd. Can you see it?

After zooming in, redseedit discovered what looked like a roller coaster, except the track was full of people. What the hell is going on here?

Here you can see that the track extends even farther into the surrounding forest.

Once redseedit discovered this weird roller coaster in his photograph, he did some digging. Apparently, what we’re seeing here is the roller coaster at the Taesongsan Fun Fair. The coaster was under construction for most of 2012 and it reopened the following year.

(source: Reddit)

Well, even if those people were actually repairing the ride, it’s still pretty freaky to see. Talk about a safety hazard, am I right?

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