What This Canadian Funeral Home Does Instead Of Cremation Is Pretty Gross

Cremation is becoming a popular alternative to burials, not just for the price point, but also because of the environmental impact of modern burials. However, even though cremation is better for the environment overall, the process is not without its drawbacks. For one, cremation releases large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is one of the gases responsible for climate change.

Because of this, a new body disposal method has sprung up in Ontario, Canada. They call it “environmentally friendly cremation.”

Where cremation uses fire to break down the body’s organic material, green cremation uses an alkaline solution to literally dissolve the body until all that’s left is the skeleton.


The process mimics the natural decomposition of a corpse, but it’s done much faster. The resulting coffee-colored “sludge” is filtered to remove any chemicals, and the rest is drained into the sewage system.


The bones are then dried, crushed into powder, and given back to the family.


It’s not traditional, but with funeral costs rising every year, I bet we’ll start seeing more and more of these green cremations.


(via Yahoo)

It does sound kind of gross, but I think I would be okay with that happening to my body after I die. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to use it again.

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