This Is Cavin. I’ll Never, Ever Forget What Just Happened To Him. And You Won’t Either.

This is the story of a man named Cavin. The unexpected direction his life took after a tragic accident is so powerful and ultimately inspirational that I had to share it. I’m just going to use his words to explain this story.

I’m Cavin.

3 years ago, I was starting a business and living in NYC.

On May, 8th of 2011, I fell 2 stories (while taking in the view from a water tower on top of a building) and landed in a coma with a 10% chance of recovery.

Mom in ICU.

I was diagnosed with a Diffuse Axonal, Traumatic Brain Injury. Only 10% of those diagnosed will survive, and most of those will be in a vegetative state.

I woke up after a 12-day coma, with no recollection of what happened and severe brain fog.

Where am I?

I couldn’t walk, talk, or eat for 4 straight months.

It was hell.

I lost significant control over much of my functioning and felt trapped for most of the recovery.

I began to process and accept what happened to me, and started blogging about my experience.

I was ready to be myself again, to help educate others, and get back to life.

It took a tremendous amount of time to re-gain certain abilities.

After 4 months, I could eat again.

I pushed myeslf, and I began to re-learn to walk.

It was time to celebrate!

As soon as I could speak again, I tried to sing. As soon as I could use my left arm again, I began to play.

Now, I work to educate about brain health and spread awareness about Traumatic Brain Injury.

I even got to play a show at SXSW. I’m currently working on a book called “Lights, Coma, Action” to tell my story of recovery and to help others understand TBI.

Thanks for checking out my story!

That’s about as inspirational and miraculous as it gets.

You can check Cavin’s blog out here – Cavin Bounce: Adventures in Brain Injury. And you can contribute to his book in the works on Kickstarter here. Cavin’s original post is here on Reddit.

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