This Guy’s Response To Getting Cancer Is So Perfect That It Made Me Rethink Everything.

He was surprised by his Stage III testicular cancer diagnosis. But that didn’t break him, his body or his spirit. What this man endured and his attitude at the end will make you rethink your entire life.

This is his incredible story, in his words:

This was me two years ago, looking pretty haggard after a 6-hour surgery. Why did I have surgery, you ask? In Oct 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage III Testicular Cancer. I had five surgeries & three months of chemotherapy – My last round of chemo was actually on Dec 31st. In this surgery, they had to remove two teratoma tumors located between my spine & the body’s two main blood vessels. Only 1 surgeon in the state was willing to perform this surgery due to the location of these tumors. This was the moment I was 100% rid of cancer!

The gnarly incision they had to make. Patched back together with glue. I know I’ve seen a few other imgurians with the same scar! That brown patch is my pain meds being pumped directly into my abdominal area….not sure exactly where it goes but hooray for morphine! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to eat for three days. I could only have ice chips, and gargle water…..lame.

This is my amazingly awesome wife & kids, who stuck with me and kept me positive during chemo & all my surgeries. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them!

My beautiful wife & I now, 2 years Cancer-free! I just wanted to share my story and tell people to stay positive and never ever give up – even if the odds are against you!

Never lose hope, even when life seems hopeless.


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