This Family Keeps A Skeleton On Their Porch, But Not Just During Halloween.

Everyone’s family has at least one thing that makes them different from the others. Sometimes it’s out in the open and everyone knows, but sometimes it’s a metaphorical skeleton in a closet. What makes Redditor nolasagne‘s family stand out involves a little bit of both. Instead of keeping their skeleton in a closet, they keep theirs on the front porch. Oh, and it’s a real skeleton too. Well, a real fake skeleton. It’s not just any real fake skeleton though, they named it Bonesy and, despite being a big part of the family, it never makes it inside of the house. That’s right, this bad boy is on display for all of the neighborhood to see all year round. Yeah. Take a look!  


Easter Sunday

Canada Day

Someone’s Birthday

Beginning of March

Winter Storm

St. Patrick’s Day

Christmas Day

(via Reddit)

You’ve got to admire their commitment–or is it laziness? Either way, Bonesy looks great out there.

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