These Firefighters And Wildlife Workers Go Above And Beyond To Save A Koala.

Apparently, Australians take their koalas very seriously. And who can blame them? The eucalyptus-chomping marsupials are so darn cute. When Melbourne firefighters were alerted to an injured koala stuck in a tree, they didn’t waste a moment coming to its aid.

Nicknamed “Sir Chompsalot” by his rescuers, the fluffy herbivore was able to make a full recovery after receiving CPR and mouth-to-mouth from a Wildlife Victoria employee who joined in on the firefighters’ life saving mission.

That’s right: koala mouth-to-mouth. 

He fell from his post high in a tree, luckily landing in the blankets firefighters held on the ground.

After massaging his lungs in an attempt to start his breathing, the wildlife expert took one for the team while waiting for the oxygen mask to arrive.

And lucky for the adorable little guy, it worked!

Check out this video of the full harrowing experience:

(H/T BuzzFeed.)

Sir Chompsalot was then taken to a veterinary facility where he continues his recovery. This woman definitely deserves an award! And maybe a raise.

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