These Beauty Products From Around The World Are So Bizarre, They Seem Insane.

There are people in the world who would stop at nothing to become beautiful. As a society, we have developed a bad habit of focusing too much on external appearances. Obsessing over beauty is bad enough, but some cosmetic companies took things a little too far. In the name of helping people be beautiful, these products were created. Somewhere along the line, an inventor thought this was a good idea. Unfortunately, all of them turned out to be absolutely insane.

1.) Beauty Smile Trainer: Do you literally want to turn your frown upside down? Wear this smile training device.

2.) Henna ‘n’ Placenta: This hair mask, made using placenta, is supposed to restore your hair. Did we mention it uses placenta?

3.) Baby Foreskin Face Cream: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE.

4.) Collagen Marshmallows: These are supposed to be an edible alternative to collagen injections, but I don’t think that’s how any of it works.

5.) Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt: This was designed to trap in heat on your face and “erase” smile lines. All it does is trap in sweat. Gross.

6.) Hana Tsun Nose Straightener: Hate your crooked nose? Try to straighten it out by wearing this contraption. I hope you don’t need to breathe.

7.) Hourei Lift Bra: Oh, your face needs a bra, too? Here’s what you need, if you want to improve your cheeks.

8.) Facekini: Facekini is a bikini for your face. It protects you from harmful UV rays AND you can give nightmares to innocent children.

9.) Propia Hige Japanese Fake Beard Set: For men, growing facial hair can be hard. Cheat your way to bear success by wearing this chin toupee.

10.) Deo Perfume Candy: These sugar-free candies are supposed to make your breath smell like perfume. Because, why not?

11.) Bull Semen Hair Conditioning Treatment: This protein-rich hair treatment in the UK is a step beyond NOPE. Gross.

12.) Mouth Exercise Face Slimmer Mouthpiece: Exercise your mouth so it can be slimmer! … or give yourself extremely chapped and cracked lips.

13.) Breast Enlargement Cookies: They’re cookies that are supposed to increase your cup size. Worst case? They’re cookies.

14.) Eyelid Trainer: This product will force your eyes to have Western “double eyelids” with a crease. Ouch.

15.) The Little Face Corset: It’s a corset, but for your face. That sounds lovely.

16.) Fun Betty: In case you ever wondered if you could dye your “special” hair… yes. Yes you can.

(H/T Distractify) Gone are the days of putting used teabags on your eyes to get rid of dark circles. Now, you can buy frightening products that’ll just change your skin. (Creepy.) Warn people against these strange beauty trends; click below to share this on Facebook.

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