These 20 Notes From Kids Prove The Future Is NOT Doomed After All. These Are GREAT.

In general, adults don’t give children enough credit. Just because they are smaller than us and terrible spellers, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a creative and hilarious brain inside of their heads. These notes written by REAL children will make you realize just how awesome some kids can be. If you’re not a parent already, this will definitely make you consider it.

1. The sky’s the limit, kid!

2. He learned to be honest at a young age

3. Brevity is the soul of wit

4. At least they were sorry

5. Honesty is always the best policy

6. Just a little tip, mom

7. Sweet and to the point (and accurate)

8. This kid is a Stephen King in the making

9. Someone is going to grow up to be a lady killer

10. Lying never did anyone any favors

11. This friendship is going to last forever

12. Dream big, kid

13. Hey, he SAID “thank you”

14. You know, he’s not wrong

15. So basically, she is like every 20-something

16. He even went with the fancy uppercase? This kid can make contracts like WOAH.

17. *mic drop*

18. It looks like someone has been watching “Real Housewives” too often

19. This little guy is more mature than I am

20. I’m voting for this kid for President

#19 and #20 could run the United States better than I can balance my checkbook (I can’t). Bravo, children, bravo.

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