These 11 Unbelievably Obvious Signs Have Completely Believable Advice.

Sometimes, a well-placed sign can be helpful. Paying attention to signs can be incredibly useful, or even life-saving. For example, the New York subway alerts commuters to whether or not they have to enter a sub- or sub-sub-basement to take the L-train. Without signs, they’d be lost in a labyrinth. Forever.

Other times, though, signs leave you scratching your head. Their confusing language or redundancy is just… weird. The signs aren’t wrong, but that doesn’t make them any less ridiculous. Here are some signs that are so rational and literal, they are unbelievable.

1.) Oh, but it looks so comfortable! Thanks for the advice, sign.

2.) … well, I wouldn’t if I could.

3.) I think this was meant for amphibians. Right?

4.) Very thin. So thin it’s nonexistent.

5.) The sign that will replace all traffic lights in America.

6.) This sign is saying what the barbed wire apparently couldn’t.

7.) This sign applies only to swimmers who are not bound by the laws of physics.

8.) Shouldn’t this sign just be everywhere?

9.) I guess after putting that arrow in a crappy place, writing ‘STOP’ was easier than just erasing it.

10.) This sign trusts you’ll be the judge on whether or not your friend’s outdoor black metal listening party is “unnecessary noise”.

11.) Cannonball?!

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