There’s Something Oddly Satisfying About Every Picture On This Instagram Account

Symmetry brings order into a chaotic world.

Whether that symmetry is organic or man-made, many people are soothed by things that are perfectly visually arranged. An Instagram account called Symmetrical Monsters knows just that — and every one of their updates is delightfully symmetrical.

There’s something so satisfying about structures or scenes that just…make sense.

Each Symmetrical Monster photo has some kind of order or pattern.

Scrolling through them just makes my brain sigh with relief.

It’s hard to say why symmetry is so pleasing to the human eye.

It could be the mathematics behind the organized pattern…

Or maybe the universe just draws us to symmetry naturally.

If you enjoy symmetry just as much as this account, you can tag your own photos with #SymmetricalMonsters.

If you do, you might end up being featured on Symmetrical Monsters (originally created by @Traperture).

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