The best decorating suggestions for #EmptyChairDay!/michellemalkin/status/242345107934810112

As we have reported, tomorrow is #EmptyChairDay. As this time of #Eastwooding approaches, many have given outstanding ideas on how to decorate.

@michellemalkin #emptychairday idea to decorate the empty chair: big sign saying "You didn't build this"

— Ben Dolce (@BDolce1) September 2, 2012

@michellemalkin #emptychairday idea: im putting my bag of golf clubs on an empty chair in the front yard next to my romney12' sign.

— john the mailman (@john_englehart) September 2, 2012

#emptychairday – put them all around town ! every corner every street.

— LiveFreeOrDieTryin (@KzPage) September 2, 2012

@michellemalkin #EmptyChairDay How about a map of all 57 states !

— Steve Meek (@stevenrmeek) September 2, 2012

@michellemalkin @Newman3son I'm going with the empty boots in and American flag behind it. I like the pink slip too! #EmptyChairDay #LetEmGo

— Alan D (@Dosshead) September 2, 2012

@seanhannity #EmptychairDay this Monday no need for political signs an empty chair on the front lawn speaks volumes MAKE MY DAY

— Trish (@VonBehrens) September 2, 2012

A simple sign taped to the back "Gone Golfing" #EmptyChairDay

— Gerard Harbison (@GerardHarbison) September 2, 2012

A tumbleweed #EmptyChairDay

— Traci Leslie (@OlyPenHawksFan) September 2, 2012

Monday is #EmptyChairDay which is pretty much everyday at recent Obama Campaign Rallies! #tcot

— Paul Tully (@Papatul) September 2, 2012

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