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This Guy Loves His Bees So Much He Took Them For A Ride Around Town…WTF?

Humans are very social creatures, so it only makes sense that we love having pets to care for and keep us company. While it might not make much logical sense to spend thousands of dollars and years of our lives loving a creature of a different species, we do it anyway. For some, though, when it comes to pets, cats and dogs just aren’t enough. They prefer to keep more exotic company. Take, for example, Redditor Texas_Beekeeper. […]

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What This Guy Found In His Kitchen Is Fuel For My Nightmares. I Would Burn My House Down.

A guy posted these photos online with the simple title, “I found this in my kitchen…” I regret all of the curiosity that made me find out exactly what he found, so I thought it was absolutely necessary to spread the nightmare. I shouldn’t suffer alone tonight when trying to sleep. So there was this hole in the wall… and a wasp kept returning to it. reddit user: tomi1 So, like the brave soul he is, the […]

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