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‘Smart take’: Politico chides Rick Perry and ‘his Ebola problem’

http://twitter.com/#!/Crapplefratz/status/523512019568570368 While Texas Gov. Rick Perry was in Europe, two nurses who had been providing care for Ebola patient Thomas Duncan were diagnosed as having contracted the virus. Perry subsequently cut short the planned trip and returned to Texas. Ebola is a big problem for Perry, according to this Politico article: During Rick Perry's absence from Texas, two more cases of Ebola were confirmed. This is his Ebola problem: http://t.co/sog4TJAibO — POLITICO (@politico) October 18, 2014 “His […]

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How great would it be if Rick Perry’s mugshot was used like this? [Photoshop]

http://twitter.com/#!/freddoso/status/501873025130967040 That’s brilliant. Iowahawk came up with an idea that would have made Gov. Rick Perry’s mugshot even more awesome. But how about brilliant uses for the winning shot? Here you go: http://twitter.com/#!/igorbobic/status/501863754515365892 http://twitter.com/#!/allahpundit/status/501862885794906112 http://twitter.com/#!/allahpundit/status/501862464703574016 Ask and ye shall receive: http://twitter.com/#!/xor/status/501891148768489472 And for the win: http://twitter.com/#!/EsotericCD/status/501864016051204096 Related: If you think Rick Perry’s mugshot is awesome, you are about to see it improved by Iowahawk ‘He nailed it’: Even Gov. Rick Perry’s mugshot is a winner ‘We will prevail’: Gov. […]

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