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Some Photos Just Lend Themselves to Hilarious Edits. This One Was Perfect.

Sometimes, photos just work out beautifully, like this one. When photographed from above, this cat turned into a perfect sphere of fluff:  The original photo, already glorious. Even better, though, are the endless possibilities afforded to us by way of photo editing programs like Photoshop. Images as already fabulous as this one can be brought to new heights of incredible WTFery. There’s even an online community on Reddit known as Photoshop Battles, which describes itself as “a place to have […]

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20 Dogs That Have No Idea How Their Beds Work

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); I don’t care if you’re old or young, rich or poor, Republican or Democrat — dogs that have no idea how their beds work are funny. We try to give our pets the very best, but do they really appreciate it? Over the years, I’ve bought countless beds for my two dogs, but they rarely sleep in them. The floor, the couch, and even the coffee table seem preferable to the nice, soft […]

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This Guy Loves His Bees So Much He Took Them For A Ride Around Town…WTF?

Humans are very social creatures, so it only makes sense that we love having pets to care for and keep us company. While it might not make much logical sense to spend thousands of dollars and years of our lives loving a creature of a different species, we do it anyway. For some, though, when it comes to pets, cats and dogs just aren’t enough. They prefer to keep more exotic company. Take, for example, Redditor Texas_Beekeeper. […]

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