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No Matter Where You Go On Earth, Here Are 12 Reasons Never To Visit North Korea.

There’s no way to sugar coat it. DON’T VISIT NORTH KOREA. Those travel obsessed friends of yours probably have their heart set on visiting every country in the world. However, we’re here to tell you North Korea might just be one you want to skip. Seriously, these 12 reasons are EXACTLY why, and they’re anything but travel photo worthy… 1.) Electricity (or lack thereof). Heavy See that one random light sitting by itself? That’s the capital city of Pyongyang. […]

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What This Guy Saw In North Korea Is Absolutely Insane…I Don’t Get It

North Korea has a reputation for being the most reclusive country on Earth. Because of that, there’s so much about daily life in North Korea that we don’t know, and what little information we do gather comes from refugees and the very few tourists who are permitted to visit the country each year. One of those tourists was Redditor redseedit. He visited North Korea during the summer of 2012. When he got home, he was going through […]

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Who’s up for some advice on North Korea from Ben ‘Iran Deal’ Rhodes?

It was no surprise that politicians and pundits scrambled Tuesday afternoon after President Trump promised to meet further threats from North Korea with “fire, fury, and frankly, power.” Still, it’s always surprising to see how quickly alumni from the Obama administration emerge from the woodwork to throw in their two cents on the mess they left behind. Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communications under Barack Obama, is always on hand to lend his expertise, […]

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