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Rep. Elijah Cummings calls for Jeff Sessions, who denied contact with Russians, to resign immediately

Those feelinga bit let down by the positive response to President Trump’s well-received joint address before Congress the night before lit up Wednesday night after the Washington Post reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke twice in 2016 with the Russian ambassador, conflicting a claim made under oath that he did not have communications with the Russians. Sessions spoke twice in 2016 with Russian ambassador. He didn't disclose this at confirmation hearing to become AG. https://t.co/IjnIy6rk8r — […]

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‘Absolutely absurd!’ Guess where Rep. Elijah Cummings puts the blame for Secret Service scandal

http://twitter.com/#!/DubsterCali/status/518783516918947840 This morning on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Rep. Elijah Cummings waxed poetic about getting to the bottom of the current Secret Service scandal. On @FaceTheNation Now: The #secretservice has a culture of complacency. Morale is down. And this series of events should alarm all Americans — Elijah E. Cummings (@RepCummings) October 5, 2014 Now on @FaceTheNation: We seem to have a #Secret Service that doesn't even trust itself. — Elijah E. Cummings (@RepCummings) October 5, 2014 Now on […]

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