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Hospital backtracks, now admits it knew Ebola patient’s travel history

http://twitter.com/#!/EagleFriar22/status/518495278643433472 Incompetent is a little kind at this point. It turns out that doctors at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas did know that Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan had traveled to Liberia when they sent him home on September 26, forcing the hospital to “retract” its earlier assertion that a glitch with its electronic medical records system was to blame: Dallas hospital retracts explanation for missed #Ebola diagnosis; patient now critical: http://t.co/w5rttVdFfn pic.twitter.com/Gv3rfUGkSI — Yahoo (@Yahoo) October 4, […]

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Donna Brazile: Don’t worry about Ebola; ‘they want you to be afraid’

http://twitter.com/#!/donnabrazile/status/521062000257146880 A Texas health worker who apparently contracted Ebola from Thomas Duncan was wearing “full protective gear — gown, gloves, mask and shield,” according to Texas health officials. But the virology experts at Huffington Post say not to worry …  and Democrat hack Donna Brazile agrees! Here’s what she tweeted earlier this morning: What's on your menu? Despite a virtually unbroken litany of terror, war, and disease since ancient times, we have survived—and thrived. — Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) October 12, […]

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