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She Gave Her Baby The Recommended Dose Of A Drug And It Left Him Unresponsive

There’s nothing worst than watching your baby deal with a cold, or worse yet, the flu. While there are hundreds of child-friendly medications on the market to help fight off illness, finding one that your child will tolerate can be a task in and of itself. Because moms and dads depend on cold medications to remedy the problem, it’s obviously more than a little alarming when those meds actually make things worse. Alison Smith’s four-month-old son, Jensen, […]

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5 Disturbing Experiments From The Past That Were Conducted On Children

It’s no secret that atrocities have been committed throughout history in the name of science. And experiments carried out on children are among the worst. Psychology has always been difficult to study, since recruiting human participants is a necessary evil in the field. The five experiments in this video throw scientific horrors from the past in shocking relief against what we deem acceptable today. What these children endured is absolutely heartbreaking. So-called “progress” cannot be used as […]

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