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They Were Hanging Out In Their Yard When They Heard Something By The Fence…

Brian Pankratz was enjoying an uneventful afternoon with his daughter in their backyard when he heard something rustling by their fence. When he went to investigate the disturbance, he was alarmed to find a helpless doe stuck quite literally between a rock and a hard place. Their fence borders a rock wall on their property but there was apparently just enough space for the poor deer to fall into. Jumping into action, he called his neighbors and […]

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She Came Home One Friday Afternoon To A Surprise She Didn’t Want (And Never Saw Coming)

As a homeowner, you have to accept that sometimes there will be costly problems associated with the house. Maybe your water heater will break…or maybe you’ll get a termite infestation. There will just be some things you can’t plan for (which is why you should seriously consider saving as much money as you can). No matter how much you worry or save, there will be times when you just have to drop everything you have and wonder […]

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