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DNC spox posits absurd conspiracy theory behind Rep. Grimm’s outburst

http://twitter.com/#!/MoElleithee/status/428399872929460225 Democratic National Committee Communications Director Mo Elleithee fired out this amazingly ridiculous conspiracy theory to very little approval. Apparently even his liberal followers find it hard to believe that Republican Rep. Mike Grimm threatened to beat up a reporter just to distract America from the “successes” of Obamacare. Of course, there is one big problem with that theory: What “successes”? Related: Oops! DNC Communications Director unintentionally reveals truth about Obamacare Smackdown: Katie Pavlich gives Mo Elleithee ‘honest conversation’ […]

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These Quotes From Apollo Astronauts Might Make You Believe In Aliens

When Americans first landed on the moon back in 1969, it inspired a wave of excitement about space travel. Many believed that this excitement would lead to settlements on the moon, which would make mankind an interplanetary species. Sadly, that never happened. Could that be because the first men on the moon weren’t alone up there? It sounds like an outlandish claim, but judging by these NASA transcripts from the Apollo missions, there might be some truth […]

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