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These Firefighters And Wildlife Workers Go Above And Beyond To Save A Koala.

Apparently, Australians take their koalas very seriously. And who can blame them? The eucalyptus-chomping marsupials are so darn cute. When Melbourne firefighters were alerted to an injured koala stuck in a tree, they didn’t waste a moment coming to its aid. Nicknamed “Sir Chompsalot” by his rescuers, the fluffy herbivore was able to make a full recovery after receiving CPR and mouth-to-mouth from a Wildlife Victoria employee who joined in on the firefighters’ life saving mission. That’s right: koala mouth-to-mouth.  He fell […]

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Everyone Thought This Dog In The Street Was Dead, But Then One Man Decided To Stop

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Miracle the dog earned her name after one do-gooder found her motionless in the middle of the road. David Loop was driving when he saw what he thought was a dead dog in the road. He pulled over to check and found the poor pup to be completely motionless. While saying a silent prayer for what he assumed was a lost life, something awe-inspiring happened. The dog blinked! He rushed her to a […]

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23 Dogs Who Woke Up Like This And Already Look Amazing

When I get out of bed, it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m a complete hot mess. But while I need a shower, makeup, and hair products to feel at all presentable, my dogs don’t require a single thing to be their handsome selves every single day. The following cuties are definitely morning dogs as well, because even when they aren’t feeling 100 percent awake, they still rock it better than any of us ever could. 1. […]

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Cruel People Left This Rhino Orphaned, But Thankfully Some Motorists Stepped In.

Poaching is still rampant in South Africa, and it’s getting worse. This is already the worst on record for rhinos lost, with at least 736 killed in the region. Cruelly killing these endangered animals is a reprehensible act. It is even more somber when you realize the amount of animals orphaned by the poaching. Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit has worked to protect rhinos since their founding in 1992. They recently shared this heartbreaking story. While driving, Liam Burrough noticed this […]

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