Standing Outside the Crowd


Standing on the outside looking in? Who hasn’t experienced the emotion of being left out, not belonging and being unwelcome? It happens to most aware people somewhere on the path to adulthood… life outside the crowd. When you’re there you feel like you are your own best friend, and maybe your only friend. Did you make a mistake, misjudge something important; how in the world did you arrive at the lonely window of life on the outside looking in?

You may be surprised to learn that it’s more likely to be you who has changed, you who has discarded ideas or issues, you have examined and rejected those on the inside. People gravitate to others who are as they see themselves as becoming. Maybe you woke up one day, fully awake and looked around you, wondering what in the world initially drew you to these people, these ideas or this way of life. Just before you recognize what has changed you are almost certainly going to feel like you are no longer acceptable or welcomed by those you have subconsciously rejected. The crowds, the masses who reject you are rarely the ones who have changed. They simply recognize that you no longer accept them or their ideals and gravitate towards others who do.

It is the way of life when one reads energy rather than listening to words. It’s a far more powerful communications transmission and one that only delivers truth; it is far more reliable. Aware or not, everyone is sensing the energy of people and situations around them and moving towards those who support what they believe in. It takes great courage or a significant event in life to redirect your purpose and your future. It takes a miracle to change one’s mind! But, why; why is it so hard to change what you believe in?

When you decide to accept anything as positively true it requires a through cleansing of the human mind. It is necessary to eject any and all ideas that support what you formerly accepted as reality and then closely examine this new one you are gravitating towards. For many, this means removing those beloved rose-colored glasses and reading the glaring handwriting that has been clearly written on the wall before you. What you once may have considered graffiti or gibberish must become truth to move out of an old and unhealthy paradigm. It’s not so easy to move through this process. This may require that you reject things you have believed since childhood and redefine what really took place and why. It is a necessary step towards emerging intact, healthy and ready to live your life successfully, on your own terms. People and things rarely change; it is your perspective that has sharpened as you become discerning and finally whole again. You can see clearly from this new vantage point.

You may initially feel the need to reject people who have been important for a lifetime; for some this is a necessary step to break from the old patterns. As time passes you discover that you can accept people and reject what is unacceptable about them. It is a process of accepting that it is possible to love someone and hate what they do or what they may stand for. It is a necessary growth process that allows one to respect others right to decide, regardless of your own beliefs. It is tolerance; something one gains on a new life path of maturity. No one must be right; rather they must believe they are on the correct path to achieve their own dreams.

From all of these changes come self-respect and the altered perception of why you may not be included as you once were in the old crowd. It was always your choice; you have redirected to a new destination that you have willfully chosen. This then is living life successfully.