Southwest jet’s front wheels ‘collapse’ at LaGuardia [photos, Vine video]!/BobbyAbtahi/status/359430247608897536

Travelers at LaGuardia Airport in New York City are tweeting about a Southwest Airlines plane that lost its front wheels during the landing:!/NathanEnglander/status/359431097190322176

Vine video:!/BobbyAbtahi/status/359432681374748673

There are reports of injuries, we just don’t yet know to what extent:!/WPIX/status/359435683447832578

Twitchy will monitor this story and bring you updates as the situation warrants.

Update: More recent reports indicate the plane’s wheels came off as it was preparing to pull into the gate, and not right upon landing, but we’ve read conflicting reports:!/Tabbulous/status/359443658048675841

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