Sign Pelosi’s b’day card ‘before you know what’s in it’; Pelosi dance redux!/dccc/status/316638401778569216

You want birthday wishes? You’ve got ‘em! The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) starts it off with hilarity.

Happy Birthday @nancypelosi! You’ll have to sign this birthday card to find out what’s in it

— NRCC (@NRCC) March 26, 2013

Send Nancy Pelosi a birthday message! Sign the card from the @nrcc to find out what’s in it.… #GOP

— RNC (@GOP) March 26, 2013


Pelosi’s daughter weighs in.

Happy Birthday @nancypelosi aka mom teaching #SanFranciscoValues since 1969…

— sfpelosi (@sfpelosi) March 26, 2013

Oh, dear. “San Francisco values.” Enough said.

Twitter users have some special birthday wishes for the former Speaker (the former part is just so delicious).

Happy Birthday to @nancypelosi – Now if only you were okay with unborn babies having birthdays.

— Steven Ertelt (@StevenErtelt) March 26, 2013

.@danriehl @dccc Her birthday party would be a great opportunity for @nancypelosi to announce her long overdue retirement!

— William Keane (@largebill68) March 26, 2013

She should be a good leftist & redistribute her wealth to us peasants in celebration. RT @dccc: RETWEET to wish @nancypelosi happy birthday!

— Corie Whalen (@CorieWhalen) March 26, 2013

Heh. And the NRCC rounds it out with … Pelosi dancing.

Four really awkward minutes of Nancy Pelosi dancing: #yikes

— NRCC (@NRCC) March 26, 2013

Oh noes. Not the Nancy “Elaine Benes” Pelosi dance again! Oh, the humanity.

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