‘Send those killer cops to jail!’ Protests dog Baltimore council

As Twitchy reported last week, a group of mostly young protesters refused to leave Baltimore City Hall until interimPolice Commissioner Kevin Davis met with them to discuss their list of demands, such as the designation ofsafe houses for protesters that were to be treated as “sacred ground” by police, and for police to be more tolerant of “minor crimes,” such as having water bottles thrown at them.

The members of the #BaltimoreUprisingeventually left in the middle of the night, arguing that police refused them access to restrooms and pizzadeliveries.

That protest took place as a commission considered recommending that Davis, who servedas deputy commissioner during the Freddie Gray riots, be made police commissioner permanently. Today the city council voted to approve Davis as protesters packed the building and marched in the streets.

The statement, signed by Kevin Davis, reads:

Over the weekend, I met with grassroot protest organizers to discuss matters of mutual concern regarding police-protester interactions. We ultimately want the same thing: a safe and peaceful environment where citizens can exercise their Constitutional rights. We’ve taken steps to ensure a better flow of communications, and I look forward to a constructive and productive relationship moving forward.

A list of the 19 demands as delivered to Davis and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blakecan be found here.

Time to block some traffic.

Babies? Kids? The babies interviewed below are 18 and 19 years old.

It looks like protesters have decided not to risk arrest tonight.

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