Samuel L. Jackson blames Republicans for unemployment

Nothing leads to sensible policy quite like ignorant celebrities popping off about stuff they don’t understand.!/SamuelLJackson/status/509112885176328192

Somebody needs a remedial course in capitalization.!/NewDawgFlo/status/509115810389196800

Because racism, of course.!/AblativMeatshld/status/509113477722828800!/photogenik1911/status/509118186802151424

Legislatively fixing a wage is “market based?” On what planet?!/AblativMeatshld/status/509119015705661440

And let’s not forget the burden Obamacare puts on employers.!/rjinaz/status/509116319224971265

Read the bill? Consider the procedural nonsense? Nah, it’s way easier to just believe propaganda memes.

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