Rep. Serrano: More money will fix IRS; Acting IRS commish says he disagrees!/DavidMDrucker/status/341633891653787649

During this afternoon’s House Appropriations Committee hearing on IRS spending, Rep. José Serrano — who famously introduced a bill to repeal the presidential term limit — echoed former IRS commissioner Steven Miller by suggesting that throwing more money at the scandal-plagued agency would somehow mitigate its penchant for corruption:!/RNCResearch/status/341639924728078337

Uh, no way, José.!/Txsleuth/status/341633983362236416!/RBPundit/status/341636138181734400!/KatiePavlich/status/341641606698528768

Interestingly, acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel made a similar point — sort of. In addition to acknowledging that the IRS betrayed Americans’ trust (assuming Americans trusted in the IRS to begin with):!/dcbigjohn/status/341640392158105600

Werfel also dropped this little bombshell:!/DavidMDrucker/status/341641600604200962!/damianpaletta/status/341641834210156545


“The solution here is, in my opinion, not more money. The solution here, in this situation, is to understand what controls need to be put in place, what oversight, what getting the right leadership in place, the right processes in a collective way…”

Acting #IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel: "We don't need more money"
#IRShearing— The Right Wing M (@TheRightWingM) June 03, 2013

Certainly a refreshing perspective. GOP Rep. Rogers, for one, appeared pleased:!/TaxNotesHill/status/341642244002033664!/mpoindc/status/341642154881458177

But are Werfel’s statements genuine? Some people can’t help but be skeptical:!/RichBaris/status/341643652977811456!/aa7ya/status/341660789310115840

Is Werfel someone we can put faith in to clean up the IRS?!/kerpen/status/341608833040388096


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